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Trail Tales

There are many wonderful stories of people enjoying the Palouse to Cascades State Park Trail. Below are some stories/images/videos of those trips. If you would like to share your adventure, please email to

Boy Scout Troop 305.jpg

In 2021 Boy Scout Troop 305 from Walla Walla, WA completed an arduous 450 mile trip which included the PTCT. Click Here to join them on  their journey

Cedar Falls station.jpg

In 2020 Mark Borleske put together a virtual tour of the PTCT with historic railroad images that corresponded to the locations each day of the John Wayne Pioneer Wagons and riders annual ride across the PTCT. Click Here to ride along.

Joe K gravel riding.jpg

In 2020 Joe Korbuszewski completed a ride on the West side of the PTCT on gravel bikes. Click Here to ride along.

BB from air long.jpg

In 2019 the Rails to Trails Conservancy created this video of the potential for renovating the Beverly Bridge. Click Here to watch.

Jennifer Lupine Renslow.jpg

In 2021 soon after the Renslow Bridge was open Jennifer Lupine took a walk across it with this close up view. Click Here to watch.


The Cascade Rail Foundation has developed an historic view of the PTCT in coordination with the 2020 John Wayne Pioneer Wagons and Riders trip. Click here to view great photos of the railroad days before the PTCT.

This video is an aerial view of the PTCT starting at the Idaho Border and ending at Cedar Falls. Click to start/stop. For a more detailed view click Idaho to Warden or Royal City Junction to Cedar Falls.

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